Lecture on city transformation through Superblocks

Rethinking the grid: The Eixample as a sustainable urban model

Created 150 years ago as a social utopian project of a compact garden city, the Eixample is now one of the most densely populated urban centres in Europe. To counteract the burden of noise and air pollution, the resilient concept of an ideal city is being reinterpreted once again and the central district transformed into a resident- and pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood.

Barcelona is pursuing a clear goal: the reclaiming of public space. To achieve this vision, so-called “superblocks” and wide green axes are successively being established. In this way, the city grid, traditionally characterised by private car traffic, is gradually being handed over to pedestrians through the integration of new meeting spaces.


    Duration: 45 min + Q&A time

    Service: Conducted in person or remotely via Zoom by an expert architect

    Languages: German, Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, Dutch

    Max participants: Unlimited