Architectural Guide Collector’s Edition

We are pleased to announce that the Collector’s Edition of the award-winning Architectural Guide series by DOM publishers – co-authored by Lorenzo Kárász and Prof. Hans Geilinger – is now available!

This publication showcases 200 buildings from twenty-one different cities which have produced outstanding architecture in recent years. The authors are members of the global network Guiding Architects which is dedicated to the promotion of architecture, open spaces and urban development. Each of these critics based in Europe, the Middle East or the USA presents five Highlights and five Hidden Gems comprising both modern buildings and landscape architecture.

20 booklets in a slipcase
320 pages with 600 pictures
134 x 245 mm
ISBN 978-3-86922-266-0

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Journal articles (mainly in German)

GEILINGER, Hans; KÁRÁSZ, Lorenzo: Vom Superblock zu noch mehr Grün. In: Zement+Beton 3_22 (2022), pp. 44-45.

GEILINGER, Hans: Barcelonas neuer Zugang zum Meer. Die Entwicklung der Beziehung zwischen Stadt, Hafen und Wasser. In: werk, bauen + wohnen 89 (2002) no. 5, pp. 24-29.

GEILINGER, Hans; MEYER, Marc: Stadtentwicklung, Event und Bauten. Fórum Barcelona 2004. In: werk, bauen + wohnen 91 (2004) no. 11, pp. 24-31.

GEILINGER, Hans; MEYER, Marc: Urban Development, Events and Buildings. Fórum Barcelona 2004. In: werk, bauen + wohnen 91 (2004) no. 11, p. 31.

GEILINGER, Hans; MEYER, Marc: Die Oberfläche (2007).

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