Discover Barcelona’s old town with the eyes of an architect

A journey through 2000 years of history that traces the transformation of Barcelona from Roman times to its modern identity as a global destination city, makes this tour a good choice for first-time visitors.

Covering several projects that combine historic and contemporary architecture, we will dig down through the multiple layers of Barcelona’s old town and examine how changing patterns of public space and urban amenities impact the individuals who inhabit them.

Visit the historical centre of Barcelona which, thanks to the urban transformation, has gained light and healthiness, and recovered spaces for public use

In the 1980s, minor “surgical” interventions and the implementation of new uses were meant to bring more light and air into Barcelona’s fetid, filthy, and cramped historic centre. Subsequently, entirely new axes were introduced to improve the existing urban structure and create public space.

Today, the preservation and adaptive reuse of existing buildings within a heritage context pose new challenges to urban planning.

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    Who will be guiding you through Barcelona’s old town?

    A local architect of Guiding Architects (The world’s largest network of architecture tour companies, established in 1996):

    • We deliver relevant, accurate and up-to-date information in a dynamic and entertaining way.
    • We design authentic, off-the-beaten-track experiences that strive to exceed your expectations.
    • We provide insightful reflection and inspirational views on the city that only passionate architects like us can convey.

    Selection of projects included in the tour

    Centre Cívic Pati Llimona | Ignasi de Solà-Morales
    Basílica Santa María del Mar | Berenguer de Montagut
    Fossar de les Moreres | Carme Fiol
    Mercat del Born | Josep Fontserè i Mestre | Rafael de Cáceres Zurita + Enric Sòria Badia
    Mercat de Santa Caterina | EMBT Enric Miralles + Benedetta Tagliabue

    Duration: 2,5h – 3,5h (depending on group size)

    Transport: By foot

    Service: Experienced architect as a guide, reservations

    Languages: German, Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, Dutch

    Max participants: 25 pax/group

      Book your tour (1-8 people)