Modern Classics

The architectural avant-garde of the 60s and 70s

From the 1960s onwards, a select group of progressive architects makes significant contributions to architecture renewal in Barcelona, continuing the work of Grup R, founded a decade earlier with José Antonio Coderch as one of its most prominent members.

In search of their own contemporary language, those architects set high value on traditional Catalan craftsmanship, recovering building materials and techniques of vernacular architecture.

We invite you to discover some of the most remarkable buildings that define the path of modernity in Barcelona during the 60s and 70s without losing sight of their Mediterranean roots

State-of-the-art architecture and design have their creative epicenter in the upper part of Barcelona, home to a large number of remarkable residential buildings that, through innovative functional and spatial approaches, experiment on new possibilities for collective living.

The most important legacy of the architectural avant-garde lies in the creativity with which their members combat the cultural poverty that prevails during the late Franco era to promote urban debate and reflection on the future of architecture.

Who will be guiding you around Barcelona’s timeless architectural classics of the 60s and 70s?

A local architect of Guiding Architects (The world’s largest network of architecture tour companies, established in 1996):

  • We deliver relevant, accurate and up-to-date information in a dynamic and entertaining way.
  • We design authentic, off-the-beaten-track experiences that strive to exceed your expectations.
  • We provide insightful reflection and inspirational views on the city that only passionate architects like us can convey.

Selection of projects included in the tour

Habitatges Banco Urquijo | José Antonio Coderch + Manuel Valls
Habitatges Plaça Sant Gregori Dramaturg | Ricardo + Emili Bofill
Habitatges Johann Sebastian Bach 7 – Edifici Catasús | José Antonio Coderch + Manuel Valls
Habitatges Johann Sebastian Bach 28 | Ricardo + Emili Bofill
Fundació Joan Miró | Josep Lluis Sert

Duration: Half-day tour

Transport: Private bus

Service: Experienced architect as a guide, reservations

Languages: German, Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, Dutch

Max participants: 25 pax/group